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Remembrance Celebration Sunday October 15th 2017


We are please to announce this years Tigerlily Trust Remembrance Celebration will be held at the Gilpin Bridge Hotel, Levens. We are very grateful to Scott and Claire for their generous hospitality. 

International Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day + Global Wave of Light

We invite you to join us for a very special evening remembering and celebrating all our babies and children gone to soon.
On this special date, International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day, we will light candles and be part of the global wave of light around the world. It will be an evening of remembering and honouring our babies, sharing and connecting with those who have travelled this path and those who help us to travel it. We are pleased to have the amazing women from the Threshold Choir singing for us again this year.

If you would like to come along, please join our event on Facebook -  to help us prepare for accommodating you.
Doors open 6pm please come early to allow time for candle lighting and putting an angel on our remembrance tree in memory of your baby or child. 
There will be tea and coffee afterwards and time to talk and connect with each other.

We hope to see you there, message or email Val with any questions you may have, I will do my best to answer -

We understand that some of you may wish to join us for the Remembrance Celebration but be unable to attend - with this in mind we would like to offer you a way to include your precious babies too. If you send us their name in an email we will honour them by lighting a candle for them and speaking their name with all our babies during the ceremony.
United we honour our precious ones, together we help each other to heal.
Love and blessings, Val x x x




Tigerlily Trust Remembrance Celebration October 15th 2015

"Thank you for the gift of your light in our world" 


Once again I would like to thank everyone who came along to join with us in the global wave of light to honour and remember all our babies and children. It was a beautiful evening surrounded by such love, such care, such deep compassion. I missed connecting with a few people I know, and I wish there was more time to speak to everyone, but please do get in touch any time if I can be of service, I would love to hear from you.

Anna, Sue and Sara sang so beautifully for us once agin, and Debra - Inspirational Ceremonies read our babies and children's names with heart and love. Three brave and courageous parents read poetry for us, thank you Claire, Peter and Naomi, you were amazing! Pauline and Donna once again offered us their time to provide us with refreshments, parents brought biscuits, 1657 Chocolate House looked after us with their delicious chocolates, Wax Lyrical gave us the tea light candles, Time4Flowers gave us the beautiful lilies. Each and every person contributed in some way to making the evening as special as it was.

We shed tears, we held each other, we smiled, we shared, and we all got to unite on this special day of remembrance. For the parents who couldn't attend we lit candles for their babies and made them a special star. I want to say a special thank you to Poppy, who read me a poem afterwards that she'd written especially for her big sister who's 8th Heavenly Birthday was only a few days after and who gave me a little butterfly she'd made for Lily's Birthday. I was overcome with emotion when my dear friend Cathie gave me a gift for Lily's birthday too, we shared a very special moment that I will never forget. My heart went out to every parent in the room, but even more so to the more recently bereaved parents and families who were so brave to come along and join us, my wish is that you found some peace, some comfort, and hope for the future. I am so grateful and so blessed to know all of you, some only a little yet, but nevertheless blessed to be walking this path of grief and healing with so many wonderful souls. Thank you for your presence, your openness, your sharing, and your heartfelt goodnights. Blessings and love to you x

All the babies and children's stars can be found on our Facebook Page, and anyone who would like their star posting out to them please email Val at with your address and baby's name and I will do that for you.

Here are a few pictures from the evening, wishing you all love and light, Val x x x





























Remembrance Celebration October 15th 2014

Here are some of the photo's from our Remembrance Celebration, Wave of Light 2014. A beautiful evening, full of love and grace.
First a few heartfelt thanks :-
Thank you to Heron Corn Mill for our beautiful venue, and Audrey, Pauline and Donna for all your support and kindness on the evening.
Thank you to Debra Jessett of Inspirational Ceremonies for speaking our babies names so beautifully, and thank you to Naomi and Kirstin for reading with such emotion. Dots Crotchets - words are not enough to express how moving and transporting their wonderful harmony singing was, we were so blessed that they joined us again this year, thank you ladies for all your strength and courage throughout the evening.
I couldn't have managed without the wonderful help setting up from Sally, Celia and Becky. We all heartfully and respectfully made the venue so warm and welcoming so that we all could feel held and comforted. We listened, we read, we remembered, we honoured, and we shared. Afterwards we had warm drinks and chocolates donated by the Heron Corn Mill and the 1657 Chocolate House, which were oh so gratefully received. After such  a special and emotional evening consuming something to help ground us before venturing out. I had the privilege of meeting some amazing parents, some who's bereavement was very recent, who bravely came to honour their baby, and some of the parents who I have had the privilege of sharing the journey of a years healing since our last Celebration. I am so grateful to everyone who came and helped to make it such a special evening. We remembered and honoured all babies being missed this October 15th with grace and beauty.
 Huge Love and Blessings,
 Val x x x
Lanterns lighting the way.


We decorated a central table with all the lanterns made for our babies.






 In the Light    Author Unknown


A shadow of joy flickered; it is me. 

I told you I wouldn't leave..

My spirit is with you. 

My memories are imbedded deep in your heart.

I love you.

Do not for one moment think that I have gone.

I am in the Light.


In the corner, in the hall, the car, the yard -- 

these are the places I stay with you. 

My spirit rises every time you pray for me,

but my energy comes closer to you.

Love does not diminish, it grows stronger. 

I am the feather that finds you in the yard, 

the dimmed light that grows brighter in your mind, 

I place memories for you to see. 

I lived in my special way, 

a way that now has its focus changed.  

I am in the Light.


As you struggle to adjust without me,

I watch silently. 

Sometimes I summon up all the strength of my new world to make you notice me.

Impressed by your grief, I try to impress my love deeper into your 


My soul is now healthy.

Your love sends me new found energy.

I am adjusting to this new world. 

I am with you and I am in the Light.


Please don't feel bad that you can't see me. 

I am with you wherever you go.

I protect you, just as you protected me. 

Talk to me and somehow I will find a way to answer you.

This can be done because I am in the Light.


When you feel despair, reach out to me. 

I will come. 

My love for you truly does transcend from Heaven to Earth.

Continue your life with the enthusiasm and zest

that you had when we were together in the physical sense. 

You owe this to me, but more importantly, you owe it to yourself. 

Life continues for both of us.

I am with you because I love you and I am in the Light.


x X x X x X x



October 15th 2013 Remembrance Celebration 

Thank you to everyone who came along to share a moving, emotional, deeply connecting and healing evening with us. 

It was a stunningly beautiful evening when we gathered together to celebrate our little ones, they certainly painted the colours in the sunset for us as they watched us gather.

Everyone was offered a candle holder to light for their loved one later in the evening.

The alter was just as I had imagined it in my visioning for how the evening could be as beautiful, heartful and spiritful for our little ones and their dear families and friends.

Our babies were remembered first by writing their names on a leaf and attaching it to the tree of light.

 We shared poetry readings, listened to music, our babies names were spoken into the elevated atmosphere in the room, I could feel their presence as their Mummies and Daddies, Brothers and Sisters, family and friends honoured them.

We lit our candles ready to begin our procession outside.

The air was crisp and the night was still. The stars shone as we walked and we listened to the etherial voices of the wonderful harmony singers that accompanied us on our journey to the Venus & Cupid Statue.









When we felt ready we returned to share coffee and chocolates in the warmth and comfort of the Golf Club.

I had the great privilege of hearing some deeply personal and touching stories of many babies gone too soon. One who was named for the first time on this special night, his birthday, 49 years ago,

'baby Bruno' we celebrated your birthday little one.

We definitely shared a very special night.

We thank everyone who came along, took part, helped out, encouraged and supported.

And we hope to see you again in 2014 for another celebration.

Love and blessings


x x x 



 Here is the letter I received from Bruno's Mother, Jenny,  she is happy for me to share it with you. It is testament to how valuable a ceremony like this can be. Sharing our common experience, bringing comfort, releasing our emotions,  validating our little ones and promoting healing.

Thank you Jenny for sharing your precious Bruno's story with us.

x x x x x


On the evening of October 15th, I went to Val’s Tigerlily Trust Remembrance Day ceremony.

The weather was beautiful, mild, clear and calm with a glowing sunset. It turned out to be quite unexpectedly an amazing and emotional experience for me. We gathered to sit before a long altar with candles, lilies and a little silver tree, all beautifully arranged. I read the programme and on the front it mentioned that anyone could add their baby’s name to the list to be read out, and to go on to a leaf on the little tree.


I suddenly realised that the baby I had lost 49 years ago had never, ever had a name. He was born at five and a half months into my pregnancy, and the hospital policy in Lancaster was to remove ‘it’ and to say nothing. I remember feeling so lucky that I had two little girls ages 2 and 3 to go home to, and I focused all my attention on them and never really grieved for the baby that died.


So, I urgently needed a name for him and searched hurriedly through all the boys’ names that I could think of: none seemed right until ‘Bruno’ surfaced. Where did that come from? Later, I realised that my Dad, who died in 1979 must have been around – one of his favourite conductors was Bruno Walter (pronounced Valter as he was German). As my surname was Walter it seemed to fit, and it felt right to me. With the name Bruno came an image of a smiling baby wrapped in a blue shawl.


I asked Jean if his name could be added to the list, and she managed it just before Val’s introduction, so that, after all the readings, Debra read out his name at the very end. Val’s words, the poems, and the long list of babies names, each one meaning so much pain and loss, so many tears, such heartache, meant that I could fully feel my loss too. So thank you Val, and heartfelt thanks to our divine light being Lily, whose light is reaching out to more and more of us. Bruno became, through that time of shared grief and sadness and so much love, a real presence for me, my long lost baby, with me at last after so many years.


Later, as we gathered around the sculpture of the winged mother and child, with candlelight and moonlight, I was able at last to cry for him on my dear friend Val's shoulder. It was the very same day – October 15th – that he was born, all those years ago. I’m so very grateful to Val for creating this beautiful ceremony with so much loving care, so much courage and hard work, bringing us all together with our little ones for the comfort of knowing that our feelings are shared.



x x x x x   





 Remembrance Celebration

Venus and CupidVenus and Cupid

Tuesday 15th October 2013

Venus and Cupid Statue, Morecambe.

Hello everyone, we have a date for your diary! We are going to hold a Remembrance Celebration on Tuesday October 15th 2013 at the Venus and Cupid statue on Morecambe Prom, please meet at Morecambe Golf Club just across the road, we will be starting the evening there. This is a special date, it's International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day, and at 7pm we will light candles and be part of the global wave of light around the world! It will be an evening of remembering and honouring our babies, sharing and connecting with those who have travelled this path and those who helped us to travel it, a beautiful celebration of our loved ones, our families and friends. There will be music, poetry, readings and the chance to take part in a lantern release in memory of your loved one/s, weather permitting!
We will have tea and coffee available afterwards and a chance for sharing.  
If you think you would like to come along, please join our event on Facebook, this will help us in planning the event. We are asking for a small donation per person just to cover the cost of the venue and putting on the celebration, £3. 

Thank you, love and light, Val xx
For more information please call 015395 33872